The Gifts of awareness that flow from studying with Annam will multiply as you ponder them and begin your discussions in this format.

our personal sessions, satsangs, teleLinks, group courses, and residential immersion study are ripe with muses.
nclude realizations, wonderings. Perhaps sprinkle some quotes that Annam brought through from the God Blog level (she's playing here as I type this). Bring us questions, inspirations, poetic revelations ... whatever came to you via the explosive core awakenings and openings that may still be thundering through. Go for it!

From the Heart

gives a means to focus on the
powerful Truths that are being unveiled. As you revel, fellow Revelers shall have a possibility to open into new levels of understanding right alongside these, your now obviously venerable notes.

Thank you for being a part of this endowment.


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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

8 holy trials of Mastery, Stage 2

Although any may read our quests and answers, only the student Practitioners who are part of the Course at this time are invited to write.

Welcome to this discussion!

Second stage:

This is the base camp chakra. We will now know the root and the route.

Question from Kayo, (one of the Course partners):
I am confused about your assertion last Sunday that all good medicine is aggressive in nature.  This is not my experience.  My experience is that much good medicine is a catalyst; it facilitates, but in a way doesn't get involved.  Some good medicine simply refuses to get involved at all.  That it refuses to make itself useful to me doesn't change it's goodness.  Some good medicine is subtle and quiet beyond belief; like a strong sutra that can take decades for its gentle ringing to be heard.  Other medicine waits until it can combine itself with other medicines to be useful.  Some good medicine we reject out of hand and the medicine, despite our need, accepts the rejection.  Other medicine beckons and doesn't act until we have fully brought ourselves into its possibility.  Some medicine is picky, easily offended and quick to leave if things are not done right.  This is my experience with medicine.  Could you say more about this?

(It's not easy to say —)
We are all aggressive medicine. If our root awareness opens to the medicine, we use it.
All come to Meet with a fervent 'I Am'. Whether we know to release judgment and open to it determines if we shall be a receiver of the energy and an encourager of its raison d'être.
This is not enough on this subject. We'll talk in person on this soon.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Students' Insights

THE Master Race
as pondered by Harry Newman

THE Master Race that I speak of has nothing to do with our religion, country of origin, skin color, age, sex or any other human characteristic.  THE Master Race that I write of consists of those that consistently Hear from GOD.  At this point, millions or perhaps billions would claim membership to this Race.  But alas, as I sense it, there are not many members; but the good news is that there are millions who are trying to become members.  There are many who on occasion do Hear from GOD.  As I continue to write, those of us that initially thought we were part of this Race will begin to understand why we may not be.

Some have said to themselves in burning anger, “in God’s name, I want to kill!”, and then insist that they are part of that Race.”  Some will say, “By virtue of my religion, I am part of that Race”.  Others add, “I am among the most religious; surely I must be part of that Race”, or perhaps, “my blood is pure; I must be part of that Race.”  The list goes on.

As I said above, to be part of THE Master Race requires that we Hear from GOD.  We can begin to rule ourself out if we are in hate, anger, extreme anxiety, or in judgment.  Those are states that do not allow our heart to Hear from GOD.  Our mind is just too busy to let GOD’s WORD come in.  It is not that GOD decides who GOD will favor with his WORDGOD speaks to everyone.  But it is our own ego mind that blocks us from being able to Hear.

GOD is about Love.  I am not speaking of the type of love that says, “I have never met anyone as wonderful, as beautiful as you, and I truly love you.”  Love is about remaining open with our heart while remaining silent with our mind.  In such a state, GOD can instruct us on how to manage this moment that we are in, given whatever circumstances are around us.  This allows us to do not just what is right for ourself, but allows us to do what is right for the whole.  It allows us to be bigger than the ego self generally is; it allows us to be part of the whole.  It gives a sense of joy that is completely fulfilling.

My only advice to you and myself is work on reducing hate, anger, anxiety, and judgments in yourself. To do otherwise is a waste of one’s life.  And remember, if it were easy, THE Master Race would be a lot larger.  But you and I can be part of the millions who are striving to join the Race.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

8 Holy Trials of Mastery ... a Course

Although any may read our quests and answers, only the student Practitioners who are part of the Course at this time are invited to write  ...  This will change in 2014.

Welcome to this discussion!

First stage:

Resume ONE ... 
no word ... no scowl ... nor hope. 
No progress, no genesis. 
Just Being.

Q u e s t i o n:

A question came in prior to beginning this new blog, so I'm including it in these opening statements. Feel free to begin commenting.

I am sending this question to you for discussion if you feel that it is appropriate. The image given to me of this 'mechanism' is very specific and I am not confident that I can express myself well to the group over the phone.

As I ponder this Originating Current, I am perplexed as to why it needs constant refreshing.  Somehow the body moves away and disrupts the pure feed of Current. Therefore the connection has to be reset in order for the correct direction and movement of the Current to be re-established.
You said that the mind is uninvolved in this so thoughts themselves will not create a disconnect.  Does this disconnect occur due to the energy of thought?  Is it due to the energy of our actions?  And/or can it be due to the energy of what we consume physically, emotionally and mentally?
In other words, how can we stay in connection so the the feed is constant, never-ending....or is this impossible to do in a human body?  Is the connection designed to be restarted over and over?
Or, is this even relevant?