The Gifts of awareness that flow from studying with Annam will multiply as you ponder them and begin your discussions in this format.

our personal sessions, satsangs, teleLinks, group courses, and residential immersion study are ripe with muses.

nclude realizations, wonderings. Perhaps sprinkle some quotes that Annam brought through from the God Blog level (she's playing here as I type this). Bring us questions, inspirations, poetic revelations ... whatever came to you via the explosive core awakenings and openings that may still be thundering through. Go for it!

From the Heart

gives a means to focus on the
powerful Truths that are being unveiled. As you revel, fellow Revelers shall have a possibility to open into new levels of understanding right alongside these, your now obviously venerable notes.

Thank you for being a part of this endowment.


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The G-D Code

August 25-30, 2009

“Let the whole body be the collector….the air on your skin, the wind in your face….it’s all G-d…To trust the G-d Code, remember you are the beginning and the end….the first and the last….NOT where you are now……”

…and so we ventured into this experiential workshop, exploring the energies of gorgeous places with all of our senses, places such as Walchalla Falls, Bird Creek Meadows above Mirror Lake in the Yakama Nation on Mt. Adams, vistas overlooking the Columbia River gorge, the ancient forest of Lost Lake and Punchbowl Falls, where salmon were defying gravity and jumping up the falls because they held no belief that it wasn’t possible! Their energy was palpable….and contagious!

Moments were spent in group discussing concepts that Elle presented….and other times we ventured off on our own for self-discovery. “Silence humbles and if you are not arrogant, you can be sung in….and the words of Spirit flow through…”

For me, it was a deeply powerful experience….one that I touch upon and draw from daily. I still feel connected to and strengthened by all who were in our group. I encourage everyone to experience the next retreat for themselves as I’m sure you will benefit in ways your mind can’t perceive.

-- Love, Sage