The Gifts of awareness that flow from studying with Annam will multiply as you ponder them and begin your discussions in this format.

our personal sessions, satsangs, teleLinks, group courses, and residential immersion study are ripe with muses.

nclude realizations, wonderings. Perhaps sprinkle some quotes that Annam brought through from the God Blog level (she's playing here as I type this). Bring us questions, inspirations, poetic revelations ... whatever came to you via the explosive core awakenings and openings that may still be thundering through. Go for it!

From the Heart

gives a means to focus on the
powerful Truths that are being unveiled. As you revel, fellow Revelers shall have a possibility to open into new levels of understanding right alongside these, your now obviously venerable notes.

Thank you for being a part of this endowment.


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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sound of One Thunderbolt

A few gems & reflections from a recent immersion at 
The HeartGate.
Add your own reflections or quests.  
Let us create a resounding wave of Core Light 
to carry this song of Love into the UniVerse.


"Think of each person you meet as a different style of Lightening." ~ Annam

* * *

We are being called into Action. We, as individual GodLight, are to go forth as Warriors of Light. We are to call upon the Elder in us to shine our Love into the world. IT IS OUR TIME. IT IS GOD'S TIME. We are the Pavers of this Connector.  ~Jacquie

* * *
A song, by Melody:
I was walking down this road singing my own song, 
the world opened to me singing back to me this song.
blessed is the journey on the way back to our home, 
united are our hearts when we are working as one.
so follow your inspiration
and know you are the one
embodiment of grace
and emissary of love.

* * * 
Quest: If a thunderbolt strikes when noOne is there to hear it, what will happen?

How are you Listening? 
* * * 

We invite your comments, whether you were present for the actual event or are just now participating by reading this blog entry.