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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

8 holy trials of Mastery, Stage 2

Although any may read our quests and answers, only the student Practitioners who are part of the Course at this time are invited to write  ...  This will change in 2014.

Again, welcome to this discussion!

Second stage:

This is the base camp chakra. We will now know the root and the route.

Question from Kayo, (one of the Course partners):
I am confused about your assertion last Sunday that all good medicine is aggressive in nature.  This is not my experience.  My experience is that much good medicine is a catalyst; it facilitates, but in a way doesn't get involved.  Some good medicine simply refuses to get involved at all.  That it refuses to make itself useful to me doesn't change it's goodness.  Some good medicine is subtle and quiet beyond belief; like a strong sutra that can take decades for its gentle ringing to be heard.  Other medicine waits until it can combine itself with other medicines to be useful.  Some good medicine we reject out of hand and the medicine, despite our need, accepts the rejection.  Other medicine beckons and doesn't act until we have fully brought ourselves into its possibility.  Some medicine is picky, easily offended and quick to leave if things are not done right.  This is my experience with medicine.  Could you say more about this?

(It's not easy to say —)
We are all aggressive medicine. If our root awareness opens to the medicine, we use it.
All come to Meet with a fervent 'I Am'. Whether we know to release judgment and open to it determines if we shall be a receiver of the energy and an encourager of its raison d'être.
This is not enough on this subject. We'll talk in person on this soon.

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