The Gifts of awareness that flow from studying with Annam will multiply as you ponder them and begin your discussions in this format.

our personal sessions, satsangs, teleLinks, group courses, and residential immersion study are ripe with muses.

nclude realizations, wonderings. Perhaps sprinkle some quotes that Annam brought through from the God Blog level (she's playing here as I type this). Bring us questions, inspirations, poetic revelations ... whatever came to you via the explosive core awakenings and openings that may still be thundering through. Go for it!

From the Heart

gives a means to focus on the
powerful Truths that are being unveiled. As you revel, fellow Revelers shall have a possibility to open into new levels of understanding right alongside these, your now obviously venerable notes.

Thank you for being a part of this endowment.


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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Divine Yin Women's Spiritual Retreat 2009

During the Divine Yin
we took a deep dive into what it is
to be a vessel for the Word of Truth.

We abandoned old beliefs
about what it was to be a woman,

as well as what it was to be a man,
in favor of what it Is to be act for the divine on earth.

We learned that the Divine Yin
is a force that comes through all minds,

male and female, but more readily through the female form.

We investigated the many ways
we can accentuate
this element of the God presence
so we can be ready for God Truth
to appear here through all of us.
We learned that it is part of the Divine Yin,
to open and be ready to receive Truth,
to be the virgin and the she who births divine Love.