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Sunday, April 7, 2013

8 Holy Trials of Mastery ... a Course

Although any may read our quests and answers, only the student Practitioners who are part of the Course at this time are invited to write  ...  This will change in 2014.

Welcome to this discussion!

First stage:

Resume ONE ... 
no word ... no scowl ... nor hope. 
No progress, no genesis. 
Just Being.

Q u e s t i o n:

A question came in prior to beginning this new blog, so I'm including it in these opening statements. Feel free to begin commenting.

I am sending this question to you for discussion if you feel that it is appropriate. The image given to me of this 'mechanism' is very specific and I am not confident that I can express myself well to the group over the phone.

As I ponder this Originating Current, I am perplexed as to why it needs constant refreshing.  Somehow the body moves away and disrupts the pure feed of Current. Therefore the connection has to be reset in order for the correct direction and movement of the Current to be re-established.
You said that the mind is uninvolved in this so thoughts themselves will not create a disconnect.  Does this disconnect occur due to the energy of thought?  Is it due to the energy of our actions?  And/or can it be due to the energy of what we consume physically, emotionally and mentally?
In other words, how can we stay in connection so the the feed is constant, never-ending....or is this impossible to do in a human body?  Is the connection designed to be restarted over and over?
Or, is this even relevant?


  1. In Answer to your quest ...

    The disconnect from true Current occurs due to the 'energy' of thought only. The actions are not the problem if they enter from neutral or cosmic wisdom.

    Also, if we consume negative or sub-Versive thought, we may bias away from the holy and flowing Well-of-all-Good. That means we preview every action on or from us from the minute sense mind which lives through self-reflection (propitiation).

    Staying in connection with the Field of Whole viability can happen as you each register that you are God and no other is in you.

    Yes, quite a shift.

  2. Thank you for your response. It seems the most difficult thing to do is releasing those thoughts. As of yesterday I focused for quite awhile on the root chakra and today I am much softer and not as tired. My thoughts seem to be not from me but from a place in between. I am noticeable quieter and find I can't run around like crazy but my actions are more specific. Am I really getting this? Is this really, finally happening? It feels so. Just the acknowledgment of that creates movement. Being well ALL.

  3. I am really appreciating the waves of awareness and the reminder that I can consciously Shift and Share God-Light instead of employing a worn out habit.

    Thank you.


  4. I have noticed that, while being consistent within the Current, I am better positioned in each moment as an invitation for whatever Life offers. There are times, however, when I find myself wrapped up in my yummy little "Being Bubble", and the next thing I know, someone pops it. I have to admit I get a bit irritated because, let's face it, that bubble feels pretty darn good. It is then when I remember Annam saying, "Breathe in God as you breathe in the air." And that quick, All is included again.

    Thank you.