The Gifts of awareness that flow from studying with Annam will multiply as you ponder them and begin your discussions in this format.

our personal sessions, satsangs, teleLinks, group courses, and residential immersion study are ripe with muses.

nclude realizations, wonderings. Perhaps sprinkle some quotes that Annam brought through from the God Blog level (she's playing here as I type this). Bring us questions, inspirations, poetic revelations ... whatever came to you via the explosive core awakenings and openings that may still be thundering through. Go for it!

From the Heart

gives a means to focus on the
powerful Truths that are being unveiled. As you revel, fellow Revelers shall have a possibility to open into new levels of understanding right alongside these, your now obviously venerable notes.

Thank you for being a part of this endowment.


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Monday, April 13, 2009

Ascension... a 24 hour Illumining 2009

During Ascension, Elle guided to experience the four Directives:

The first is to know our self as Love.
We come the remembrance that at our core there is Love.

The second is the I AM.
We remember that we are not alone and know that it is not our self Loving, but Love that is dissolving our self into Oneness.

The third is to give the body over be the Vessel for Love to come to Earth.

The fourth is to allow the Love of others to come through us.
We experience how all these steps form a circle. As your Love flows through us, we know it to be the same Love we first found at our own core.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Empty Whole (Yeshua Path 2009)

During the 2009 Yeshua Path, Elle invited us deeper into the understand of meeting each other G-d to G-d. We took an immediate leap into forgiveness, that we could not only see each other's Heavenly gifts, but be portals to access those gifts and bring them to Earth. We learned to function as part of a system of dendrites, or really one long dendrite, one nerve working together to bring through the pulse of Heaven.

During our journey Elle asked us to write about these three questions: What is it to be a disciple? What is the bridge between individuals and individuals and society? What is your solution is for joining G-d and not leaving "us" behind?

After the journey, she asked us to keep all of us inspired by continuing the journey by writing about our experience, the whole meal, the ah-has, from the basic psychology to the choosing of each other, the path in and through us.

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