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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ocean Immersion: March 2011

~by Sor'a Garrett
I took these photos with my phone, but the most beautiful images are those etched in my heart.

It feels somewhat like I am sitting in my own ocean, with a vast shore of Light surrounding me.  It’s difficult to put words to what is becoming, as I give myself over to this embrace.  Waves of wonder wash me back to mySelf.

I always love coming to the ocean. . .I am home here.  But being here with one who lives constantly within the ocean of God creates something beyond amazement.   As the literal ocean crashes & foams outside, we are given a glimpse of the vast depths of who we are, both individually and collectively.  An enormous surge of Love fills me that I am calling “devOcean” ...a dedication to loving with a vastness that is beyond what I can now see.

“When rocks meet, they clash. When waves meet, they become the ocean.”  This becomes a powerful teaching in how to live as if we belong in one another.  Being with Elle helps me remember that I am both wave and ocean, and that full awakening requires coming together with others to collide into Love. 

Whether or not you were at the recent ocean immersion, I invite you to share:  What is helping YOU more fully enter the ocean of GOD?