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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Unlocking the Treasure

Dec. 26 - Dec. 31, 2010

Where the Real Play Begins.

Listen Now.
Your life is not your own.
You may have glimpses
of independence; and, of course,
you do have free will.

Otherwise, the game
would be too short, the path
a straight arrow. And where
is the fun in that?

So just sit here; give your mind
to this vast Light, pouring
like a glistening waterfall
of Radiance from above.

Give your heart to Heaven
even as your feet
stay rooted to the earth.
You are not alone.

Come, give your life
to this Holy Flame.
Breathe it into the form
you call your body: it is NOT you.

Let your body be simply
a vessel for this Great Love;
Let it know itself as a reflection
of an ancient story.

Let it carry the Real You,
One step at a time
(or even in One Great Leap)
into the God Lane.

Now the Real Play
can begin.

-- By Sor'a


  1. What a wonderful time. Whereas being with you all (in person) impregnated The Now, being back I find myself observing The Now.

    After experiencing the essence of living The Now, I am currently playing with it as a toy -- sometimes there is a spurt of envelopment, more often there is a conceptual understanding of it and purpose. I am enjoying my time back with the Spirit of You All, and enjoy glimpses of our experiences when encountering others in this foreign land as if in a dream. But sooner or later I will have to decide to share my precious toy with the children I least likely would want to play with and let ALL unfold.

  2. I’ve just returned home and what a wonderful welcome and reminder to have received these inspirational emails. Can’t really comment on my transition yet, but have been aware of more and I’m feeling much more centered. Look forward to hearing from everyone.

  3. The interesting transition I've experienced has been that when I have "lower mind" activity it's even clearer that it is not real or true...I am noticing just how deeply rooted I've had this activity happening without my conscious awareness of it. This past week I've felt like those thoughts have been on a parade up and out, and I'm witnessing them and feeling a tidge of sadness too about how hard I've been on myself. In this experience I've also noted a huge sense of compassion of self, and of fairly expedient transmutation that occurs when this noticing happens of the lower mind activity and what baloney it is. it feels like an unwinding and gentleness not only for myself but for All.

    Love you each, satnam

  4. I feel great and all kind of floaty with energies moving around, whenever I remember to pay attention to them. Thank you Elle, and everyone! I want more!!