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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ocean Immersion: March 2011

~by Sor'a Garrett
I took these photos with my phone, but the most beautiful images are those etched in my heart.

It feels somewhat like I am sitting in my own ocean, with a vast shore of Light surrounding me.  It’s difficult to put words to what is becoming, as I give myself over to this embrace.  Waves of wonder wash me back to mySelf.

I always love coming to the ocean. . .I am home here.  But being here with one who lives constantly within the ocean of God creates something beyond amazement.   As the literal ocean crashes & foams outside, we are given a glimpse of the vast depths of who we are, both individually and collectively.  An enormous surge of Love fills me that I am calling “devOcean” ...a dedication to loving with a vastness that is beyond what I can now see.

“When rocks meet, they clash. When waves meet, they become the ocean.”  This becomes a powerful teaching in how to live as if we belong in one another.  Being with Elle helps me remember that I am both wave and ocean, and that full awakening requires coming together with others to collide into Love. 

Whether or not you were at the recent ocean immersion, I invite you to share:  What is helping YOU more fully enter the ocean of GOD?

1 comment:

  1. My heart is in gratitude as the waves from Sor’a’s Ocean of Love wash over and envelope me.

    Flying home from Elle’s Ocean Retreat, her words were mingled within a written piece that found me, in the American Airlines flight magazine.

    The article, “A True Explorer,” spoke of Saint-Exupery, the author best known for his book, The Little Prince. Turns out, Exupery was a daring adventurer, viewing the world’s landscape from a perspective few were able to see, as he flew the first planes during WWI and throughout his life, until he eventually met his death in this passion.
    This adventuring, as honored by the article’s author, was part of an inner exploration into Exupery’s own and the human heart, and as quoted in the article, from The Little Prince:

    “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

    Early into the Ocean retreat Elle spoke: “Advent: A heralding that something big is coming. The basis of the word adventure. The advent of a new day. One day: one true lesson learned.”
    Also Elle’s words: “Truth arises in a stream of our words. Look for the puns… hidden meanings. Be it here, also, that you join the revelry of breaking the code.”

    In this week spent with others in Elle’s close and attending care, the Grace of the Word, as Elle hears it in the moment, and speaks and reveals it in Love to each one of us, has the lift and the power of Advent. And something big has come to me and it is a new day.
    It is first now that I am “seeing” the terrain of life differently, and it is with my heart’s eyes that I am learning to see.

    The power and gift is the erasing of my limited sense of self, and other. Drawn into Oneness, similar to the waves and the ocean of Oregon’s Beverly Beach, I am drawn into Wholeness, and have the power there to encompass what was “other.”

    Elle’s Words washed over and through me throughout the week, and a great “day” of transformation is occurring. I, as Love, and God frequency, now invite in limitations I once perceived in myself, situations and others, and I envelope and transmute these into Love.
    What was formerly a process to see the Good in all with a great “Yes” of choice and dedication, now is a creative power, my Divine Sight, that sees the Good, Loving, and God Being where prior there were limiting stories and complexities.

    I am beginning to see (sea) the world as never before, freeing all from the personal entrapment which my mind formerly imposed, and when brought fully into the embrace and outreach of my heart, life as I have known it, is becoming invisible to my eyes, and my heart is clearly seeing what is Essential.

    It is with such great gratitude that I thank Life’s Presence here as Elle, seeing me with God’s Essential Vision, and I am humbled by Life’s continuous affirmation of my Oneness in Love’s Embrace, as the echoes of Elle’s Words magically find me.

    Peggy Magilen